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I’ve known all summer that I’ll be writing a back-to-school review for wheeled backpacks, but it’s taken me months to find a company that sells a more eco-friendly backpack that has wheels!  You know the backpacks on wheels that congest school hallways? …why yes!  I finally understand why they are so popular. I have a son that simply cannot manage a large, full-day school backpack. He complained of neck and back pain all last year and I would watch him walk from my car in the morning struggling to balance his full back-pack into the school. I knew this quest would be difficult because although there are many green backpack options – they don’t have wheels. My search ended when I discovered Lands’ End where I found a backpack on wheels that is PVC-free and mad without flame retardants. Would I have liked recycled materials and locally made? Of course, but these just don’t exist yet and I like to give large companies a positive nod when they are making responsible decisions like not using PVC.  The backpack arrived a few days ago for me to review and I love it. More importantly, so does my son. One tip I learned when purchasing a backpack online is you need to gauge the size of the backpack compared to your child. The Lands’ End site does a great job with showing you with each backpack design how it measures and how tall the child should be.  Click here to see an example of this chart – I would have requested the wrong backpack without the help of this diagram.

The backpack for Angelo has a handle that adjusts to two different levels and it reaches quite high – my older son could use it no problem and he’s tall. The child can also wear the backpack because shoulder straps tuck out of a secret zippered compartment if you decide to ‘wear’ the pack on your back. The kids like the cool factor with this!  There are also different compartments inside the backpack…a sleeve for lunches to be tucked in and separate from papers and books – this can be a bonus when a child’s lunch leaks. Also, a must for me…pockets on either side for reusable water bottle. Most of my stainless steel water bottles leak now…I don’t really care, but they need to be upright in a backpack otherwise all of the books get wet.

So heading back to school, if your child needs a backpack with wheels to give his/her back a break…think of
Land’s End. They are a large company, that can provide very quick turnaround for service/questions and have lots of designs that kids & moms will enjoy.  I’ll post my back-to-school supplies recommendations next week, along with my picks for sending your child to school with a litterless lunch system.


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  1. Julie Foster August 26, 2011 at 2:51 pm #

    I am laughing at the coincidence. Just ordered a rolling backpack for my daughter yesterday after days of research. I ended up ordering from Pottery Barn Kids. The product is PVC free but I am unsure of the use of flame retardants. Shipping to Canada is an option, although pricey. The colours and personalization options were cute too. Hopefully the quality will be there as a wheeled backpack will definitely go through tests of durability. Here’s to full-day Kindergarten!

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