Easy Eco Clothing Stain Removal

This year, back to school means really white shirts in my house. The kids wear a uniform and the common thread between my daughters and sons is they all play hard at lunch and eat drippy food at lunch. This means by Christmas, their white shirts are permanently stained and don’t look as presentable as the school would like. My goal this year is to keep the shirts clean with keeping on top of stains the day they happen.

Easiest and effective way to treat clothing stains? Keep a cup of baking soda paste (mix with water) next to a low traffic bathroom sink with an old toothbrush. Show the kids how to scoop out the paste, rub on the stain, and leave in the sink ready to wash. If you treat the stain that day, chemical detergents are not needed! And since before and after pictures are always great – here is the proof.

Dirt stains Before:

shirt pre



Dirt Stains After:

shirt post


The post stain picture was taken even before the shirt was washed. It’s just a convenient way to stay on top of clothing stains. Give it a try!


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