Earthy Easter Inspiration

Sometimes we all need a little ‘earthy inspiration’ surrounding holidays that are surrounded in plastic packaging, plastic gifts, commercialism, and loads of artificially coloured & sweetened goodies. When researching this article, it was amazing the physical effect these pictures and products had on my body – I felt my stress just melt away so I wanted to share. There are some seriously talented people that contribute earthy magic to Easter this year.  Enjoy!

Wonderful article from Green Baby Guide on naturally dying Easter eggs with using beautiful silhouettes of nature. My clan will be working on some fern prints tomorrow – we just mastered the white crayon and dye technique today.

naturally dyed easter eggs with print

My favourite writer and artist this Easter has been the Linda behind the blog Natural Suburbia where she shares her patterns and thoughts on homeschooling with a waldorf based curriculum.  Her adorable creations are so special because they embrace the classic waldolf styles, but also have ‘kid appeal’ that children would love and want to play with. Get ready to be relaxed and inspired.

Hand Knit Easter egg tutorial and Egg tree instructions:

hand made knit easter eggs

Felted bird nest tutorial:

felted hand made robin nest

Angora knit bunny from her shop for purchase:

angora hand knit bunny


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