Close Your Eyes – What Do You See?

Welcome to 2013! It’s been a year of evolution for me personally and I know you are taking a journey with me. The Maya Angelou quote “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” is the quote that sums up this year perfectly for me. 5 years ago I would have scoffed about food being the answer to my journey with parenting. You see, I grew up with a really healthy lifestyle – my mom ensured we ate everything needed, plus more! I don’t ever remember take-out and we ate what we were given without complaint. When I first wrapped my mind around the chemical exposure my children were surrounded with, I only thought plastics, pesticides, cleaning supplies, toys, etc. But after learning more (and perhaps the industry is cleaning up their act too) my focus is in the kitchen. Not a place I feel comfortable or look like I belong, but when I close my eyes, I see a mom that knows how to make apple pie, has a crock pot or soup ready throughout the day, and always has muffins or home cooked baked goods on hand. That is not happening in my house. And I’ve spent 2012 re-developing my relationship with food – kinda like setting the stage for 2013 as I now understand the importance of organics and supporting a local food system.

In 2013 I have a focus board in my mind when I close my eyes and it includes a mom that gets up before the kids to make breakfast, that doesn’t scream at the little things in life, has taken the time to expand dinner options, has already removed GMO convenience options, but needs to replace those foods with home-made versions. What do you see when you close your eyes? Sometimes you need to sit in peace, close your eyes, and envision how you need life to be. If you see trees, chickens, cows grass feeding, trying out juicing/dehydration, leaning towards living low-plastic, finding time to appreciate and love our wildlife – we are going to ROCK 2013 together. Get ready, get set, GO – it’s a monster year of opening our eyes and seeing the world we’ve envisioned come to life. Come and join the conversation for more organic parenting options at the Mommy Footprint fan page. Peace and kindness for 2013. xo ~Suzanne



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