Christmas Gift Items For That Grown-Up Gal On Your List

This year, I’ve been feeling like most men do every year… I have a major allergy to the mall and I’m ready to do all my shopping last minute.  This might be a stereotype, but I somehow doubt it.  <smile>  I have a little tip for local hubbies that haven’t gotten that perfect, well priced, eco-friendly, impossible sounding gift for their better half.  Lavish and Lime is an online store, located out of West Vancouver, and is here to rescue you!  They are ready to ship that perfect gift next week to arrive in-time for Christmas.  They have some very special items for moms.  I’m very practical and I love their line of bamboo accessories (nightshirts, hats), eco-chic jewelry, and bags.

Unless you’ve felt bamboo clothing or worn it, you might not know it’s the softest material you can source against your skin.  Any adult clothing made from bamboo is also very eco-chic because bamboo is a naturally fast growing, sustainable material and unlike cotton, isn’t grown with pesticides.  It’s always been one of my top picks to put against a baby’s skin, but why not a hat or nightshirt that sits against your skin for many hours each day or night?  Choosing a gift like this scores you bonus points because you haven’t just gone to La Senza and picked out something non-practical and uncomfortable.  This gift involves thinking about the environment, her comfort, and selecting a quality item.  How cute are these bamboo nightshirts?!!  I honestly can’t think of anything I’d rather sleep in than bamboo.  I have one of the bamboo hats from Lavish and Lime and it breathes and feels wonderful on my head because I can’t have wool or anything scratchy on my body.

Another affordable idea is the recycled wood and silver jewelry line.  Again, nothing says thoughtful like being gentle on our environment and sourcing a beautiful, simple item that can be worn as an everyday piece.  The recycled seastar necklace is special.  It is handcrafted from recycled, re-melted and combined with sterling silver components…and made in Canada!  Sweet!  The wooden tree pendent is also a very eye grabbing, eco-chic item.

Shopping this year with help from Lavish and Lime’s wonderfully sourced products is a great way to buy amazing gifts, avoid the mall, not spend a bundle, and there is still time to finish your shopping with a beer in one hand, while watching the hockey game.  Sounds like the perfect shopping scenario to me!


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