Celebrate Your Little Girl’s Love For Fairies – Make A Toadstool!

While at our Ecology Centre today, I noticed their adorable mushroom stool / toadstool inspired chairs for little kids to pull over to the craft table.  As I was moving the toadstools I noticed they were custom made, very earthy as the bark was still on the base of the wood.  They were so adorable I got to thinking how I could have these made for my girls who are already big fairy fans.  The stools were so unique and nature inspired – you almost expected to see a little gnome or fairy lurking nearby.

Fairies are very popular with young girls right now.  I believe Disney is releasing a big ‘Disney Fairy’ movie this Fall and the less commercialized, nature loving butterfly girls ‘The Little Humbugs’ are gaining serious momentum.  Celebrate your child’s love for fairies by making her a custom toadstool for her room or play area.  We know how expensive room decor is for children’s spaces, save money and create it yourself!  I found the video and instructions on Martha Stewart and they don’t look all that hard to make.  We know from my trials making home made play dough, I’m not a naturally crafty person….but I think I can do this!  Before I list the instructions…check out the picture of the finished toadstool from Martha’s site.  You could buy felt to match the colors of your child’s room – these are just SO cute!


Source: Martha Stewart site

15-inch disc of 1/2-inch plywood
15-inch circle of 6-inch high-density foam
Glue gun and glue sticks
Electric knife
Polyfil low-loft polyester batting
Staple gun
30-inch circle of red felt
Wool roving
Felting needles
13-inch foam disc
Grey, black, and white acrylic paint
Paint brush
Tree stump
Drill with countersink bit


1. Begin by gluing the 15-inch circle of 6-inch high-density foam to the plywood. Use electric knife to shave off the top edge of the circle to create a domed top.

2. Cut a circle of “polyfil” low-loft polyester batting 6-inches larger all around than the plywood. Place foam circle dome-side down on batting. Pull batting around to the flat side and staple in place, placing each staple opposite the last one.

3. Place batting-covered mushroom head dome-side down on a 30-inch circle of red felt. Pull fabric very tautly around to disc and staple in place as you did with the batting. Start to trim excess felt.

4. Take a length of wool roving and, in your hand, twist it into a circle the size you want your dot to be. Place roving circle on mushroom cap. Stab it a few times with a felting needle to tack in place. Poke repeatedly with a felting needle to mesh the wool roving with the wool felt, shaping the wool roving into a circle as you work.

5. Paint the 13-inch disc with grey acrylic paint that has been tinted with a touch of black and a touch of white, but not thoroughly mixed to create a gradation of color. Place disc painted-side down on a tree stump that is about 4 inches smaller in diameter than the disc.

6. Flip mushroom cap upside down, and place stump with disk centered over it. Drill a hole (using a countersink bit) in the center of the overhang of the disc, and use a screw to secure. Repeat two more times to secure in place.

Watch the video from when Martha and Kristin St. Clair made these toadstools on Martha’s show. Click here. You grab a couple of friends that have used a staple gun before and this would be a great activity for Moms!  A custom, unique gift to give the little fairy in your life.


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