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Treatment for Childhood Eczema

There is nothing as heartbreaking as watching the discomfort your child experiences with childhood eczema…especially when they are having a bad flare-up. I thought I was free from any of my kids having this illness, but when the winter months arrived, one of my girls developed her first outbreak.  Poor thing would say “owie” and “itchy” all day long.  I tried the recommended over-the-counter creams from a list issued from our Children’s Hospital, but the Vaseline and glaxal based creams made things worse. She became inflamed, like a burn after I put them on. 

We decided to move to the next step of using a prescription cortisone cream. I was never totally comfortable treating her with this after reading the warnings on the cortisone package. They emphasize to only apply the cream to the afflicted area and to discontinue use after a few days. I wasn’t comfortable thinking this cream might cause my toddler’s skin to break down. Well, the cortisone didn’t work at all on Isabella so I emailed out to the people I trust the most…other moms. At this point her rash was wide-spread, covering her upper torso, behind the knees, patches on her inner elbow and dry patching in the folds of her neck and back.  Thanks to some suggestions from other moms I started to also change household practices and her diet. I also insisted on being referred to a pediatric dermatologist via my family doctor. After 3 months I still haven’t gotten my appointment yet, so thank god I found a solution that worked for my little girl.  Here is the combination of actions that have completely eliminated her discomfort:

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