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A ‘Green’ Way to Raise Money For Schools

Fundraising campaigns for schools, athletic teams, and clubs is changing.  The desire to do the right thing for the environment has crept into all aspects of parenting and education with our kids…why not fundraising?!  Tracy Green of Green Hands Fundraising has found a great way to generate money for schools, while supplying parents and children an avenue to eliminate waste from school box lunches.  Her vision is to create litterless lunches by supplying stainless steel bottles and laptop lunches.  

Tracy Green started this green fundraising company when she recognized the lack of environmentally conscious and socially responsible products available to schools and organizations wanting to fundraise. In the midst of the BPA controversy, she decided to run a fundraiser with Klean Kanteen bottles to try and eliminate all of the plastic water bottles children were drinking from. In the hope of raising a few hundred dollars, the success of this fundraiser went off the charts!  Selling a product that parents need, while helping our environment seemed to be the perfect fit.  Also, have you attempted to source stainless steel bottles lately?  The prices are very expensive and they are hard to find.  With Green Hands, the sourcing of bottles has already been done, the prices are fair or even below retail cost, and money goes back into your school for finding a product you need!  How awesome is that?

Not only does Tracy run the fundraiser hand-in-hand with the PAC or teachers, she will educate regarding BPA and healthy alternatives. She is branching out to Eco Bags and has lots of cutting edge, cool ideas for fundraising products.  She is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve spoken to locally about environmental issues, and has been successful since starting up just before the school year wrapped up last year. So if you are looking for fundraising alternatives to selling Entertainment books or wrapping paper, you can contact Tracy in the Fall when school starts back. This awesome company, based from the common sense approach of giving parents products they actually need, is very successful with generating dollars to help schools and athletic teams.  Klean Kanteen, Bilt Bottles, Laptop Lunch Kits, Eco bags, and Eco cleaning supplies are all on her list of fundraising possibilities.  Visit the site Green Hands Fundraising for more information or to contact Tracy with questions.



Plastic Food Storage Alternatives – Glass, Stainless Steel, or Bamboo anyone?

Okay, I’m taking another try at this. Last time I wrote an article about replacing my plastic freezer bags with Pyrex, I forgot the lids are plastic. I contacted Pyrex and they assured me that the lids are BPA free, but I understand moms wanting to get completely away from plastic touching their food…whether it be in the freezer, fridge, snack table, or packed in a lunch box.

Here are some awesome alternatives to storing your food in plastic. The new types of materials that parents are using are glass, stainless steel, and bamboo. I love these funky little bamboo bowls that are sold in most specialty stores. They are called Mini-Me’s Hand Coiled Bamboo Bowl and are completely food safe for hot and cold items. Since cleansing my house of all plastic plates and bowls coded with resin 7, I’ve had a tough time replacing them with something light (I get worried handing over my heavy Denby bowls to toddlers). They are expensive but would be a great gift or investment and look so cute. Very functional for daily cereral, fruit, snacks, etc. They are not suitable for dishwasher or microwave and in some family’s homes the no dishwasher rule is a tough one to follow. Continue Reading →



Food Storage Without Plastic or BPA Concerns

I received a question from Jackie regarding an alternative to wrapping her food in plastic to store in the freezer.  Funny enough I was wondering how to eliminate wrapping meat that I buy to freeze in plastic wrap, then popping them into a freezer bag.  I’m no longer comfortable with having my food in close contact with plastic and I’ve realized I have a serious addiction to plastic baggies that I’m trying to break.  They are just wayyy too handy to use.  BUT – after googling Pyrex glass food containers, I’ve found my solution to both of these problems.  We know that glass baby bottles have been recommended rather than plastic for babies and toddlers, well it’s back-to-basics with all food storage. Pyrex is a name that has been around forever and they are very cost effective.  I find it shocking how expensive Tupperware is and they don’t code their products with a plastic recycling code.  Really, it’s scary to know what kind of plastic they use…and it costs a fortune! 

With food storage, Pyrex products can go into the refrigerator, freezer,  microwave, or oven.  They are also dishwasher and microwave safe. Unlike the plastics we are so suspicious about, they won’t absorb food flavors, odors, or stains…including tomato-based sauces.   I always wondered after storing left-overs with tomato sauce, why my plastic was stained from sauce. Well now I know the cheap plastic was probably leaching BPA into my food.  Lovely.

Pyrex is also made in America.  If you’ve purged your kitchen of all plastic containers, it’s time to start fresh with a quality product..and won’t it be nice to have lids that match the container?  <smile>


If you divide up bulk food to freeze from Costco, etc., this 6 piece set looks great for larger items.


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BPA Plastics And My Love For Klean Kanteen

I’ve lost more than a little sleep knowing that I’ve commited the ultimate BPA leaching sin….the fact I’ve heated milk in plastic, in a microwave, everyday for the last 5 years.   Nothing like the never-ending cycle of  ‘parent’s guilt’.  All my kids love heated milk in the morning and before bed,  so eliminating plastics from their milk sippies was going to be harder than the water bottles.  The boys were nursed, then weaned to a cup just after turning 1 and I’ve heated their milk in plastic Gerber cups ever since. Yikes! Reheating liquid or food in plastic is the worst cause of BPA leaching so I know I’ve got some more changes to make!  We’ve always used Gerber ‘Fun Grips Color Change Spill Proof Cups’ so I called Gerber and they confirmed that style are BPA free,  but they’ve never recommended heating liquid in the container.  Thanks for letting me know this 5 years later guys!   I’m interested to know if that is stamped on their cardboard when you purchase the product…because until the BPA stuff became news, I had no idea you shouldn’t heat liquid or food in plastics.   That phone call made me feel better at some level, so  I decided to keep their Gerber sippies for milk for the short-term.  I have to say I don’t believe what the big names are saying about BPA in their products….it has taken some companies so long to react that unless the cups are made from a substance other than plastic (stainless steel, etc.) or the packaging is marked ‘BPA Free’ I don’t have faith. **Anyone have an alternative to plastic for kids that like milk heated?**   Although my Klean Kanteen bottles have just arrived, I don’t think the kids would enjoy a heated beverage in stainless steel every morning.

Can I mention that I LOVE my Klean Kanteen bottles?   They are gorgeous to the eye and their weight is very light.   My 6 year old would be able to use my 27 oz without any problems.  Any of the cons I listed in a previous article with my Thermos bottles are non existent with Klean Kanteen.   Their customer service is awesome,  you can purchase 100% stainless steel loop caps if you want to completely eliminate plastic, and they are very light for kids and toddlers to handle.   Oh yes, and something I didn’t know that was so important in my life…they can go in the dishwasher!   The tops and the bottles are dishwasher safe except the stainless poly loop caps.   I’m very happy with this brand and their products ranging from the sippy cups with avent tops for toddlers….to 18 oz, 27 oz, and 40 oz bottles for bigger kids/adults.



BPA Plastics: Thermos Water Bottle Solution

batman1.jpgThe dangers of  BPA leaching from plastics came to my attention a few months ago.  I immediately emailed my greenest friend Suzanne and got the scoop on stainless steel water bottles for the kids.   She educated me in the world of stainless steel and I found the Thermos ‘FUNtainers” and Klean Kanteens were the front runners for my family.  I found my Thermos stainless steel FUNtainers at London Drugs and immediately threw out all plastic water sippies.  The kids love their Thermos bottles (the commercial prints on the bottles make your kids want to use them) so I have no regrets with the purchase, but this company makes it tough for Canadians to totally embrace them.   The replacement straws that you need are tough (if not impossible) to find in Canada making this $18 purchase an item that has a shelf life.  You can order these cups online via the Thermos web site, but my two friends that did this got dinged with so many duty and ‘service’ charges once they arrived, it was ridiculous.   **If you can have them shipped somewhere in the States and order replacement straws at the same time this would be a great idea.**   Three other cons I can think of with these bottles are they are heavy, they utilize 2 plastic pieces (aren’t we trying to get away from all plastic here?), and a  biggie for me…if you have any problems with your order, their customer service is terrible.  You honestly feel like your banging your head against cement trying to get assistance via their email customer service or the phone number that’s listed on the web site.   But if you can overlook these negatives, you can’t beat the kid friendly designs these bottles have…it’s hard to beat having Batman or a Princess on your water bottle if you’re a kid.



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