Bubble & Bee Organics for Eczema Care

Sometimes it feels like I’m doing more research than writing. This happened a few months back and I was struggling to find the answers for why my daughter’s eczema had flared up when coconut oil had kept it moisturized for so long. I was completely at a loss and needed to turn to an expert. I was also a little shaken because a company I trusted for eczema care and knowledge had recently re-formulated, not told their customers, and children were reacting to the products that had been manufactured for ‘sensitive skin’ – which my Isabella definitely has!  I started reading the blog of Bubble & Bee Organics and realized I had a new person to trust. Anyone that can explain their products in such depth so that an average mom can understand is a true expert. One of my favorite blog articles by Stephanie is called The Importance of USDA Organic Certification – you will learn a lot from reading it! And if you visit the Bubble & Bee Facebook page- the gratitude and love from customers is amazing.  So I took some time drafting an email to Stephanie, the founder explaining that Isabella wasn’t responding to the traditional coconut oil and one side of her face looked burned from the reaction she was having. Actually, thinking back the coconut oil looked like it was making it worse. She wrote back right away explaining that this can sometimes happen with impurities being drawn from the skin. She also wrote back with advice on looking internally and I’ve heard from many others that eczema can occur from the gut w/ immune response, etc. But that is for another article.

A good example of how Stephanie is able to explain synthetic, natural, organic ingredients is in this blog post called What Is Natural? Check out her explanation – easy to read and understand!

Trusting a brand is important. There are very few that have stuck to their original purpose of using simple, organic ingredients. I have spent 2 months testing two of the Bubble & Bee products that Stephanie sent me: Body Butter and Unscented Lotion Stick. Both have been amazing, especially the lotion stick for Isabella’s eczema rash on her face and inner arm. She gets the stick on her own now because she trusts there is no burning or stinging using these products. They are USDA Organic and a trusted arsenal for sensitive skin!

Stephanie also sent the Bubble & Bee Organic Insect Repellent for review because ever year I get asked by readers for a bug repellent that is safe for children. Our rainy West Coast experienced a ‘Junuary’ like no other with tons of rain and I wasn’t able to test the repellent quickly enough for summer. So when a reader emailed me a said she was getting eaten alive back East, I send the repellent to her for feedback. I would recommend it from the ingredient list as a safe alternative but will post the MF reader’s feedback on our Facebook page. My thanks to Stephanie for her obvious dedication with educating people on chemicals and how to distinguish the harmful from beneficial. Follow her ‘Chemical Of The Day Q&A‘ and release your inner chemist! Follow her tips via Facebook or the company blog and feel safe about trusting this great brand.


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  1. crunchy mama August 1, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    My only problem with this company is that it is based in Bountiful.

  2. debbie September 28, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    nice blog. thanks for sharing it.

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