Breaking The Board – Tae Kwon Do For Children

I’m a proud Mom today and rarely will I make this blog specific to only my children, but I felt there was a larger message in a Tae Kwon Do ceremony I attended today. Francesco had his ceremony for Tae Kwon Do and in order to receive his next belt, had to complete the action of breaking a board in front of a gym full of parents and spectators. We really had no idea what this was all about being Francesco is our first and only child so far to participate with Tae Kwon Do.

Well, what a special milestone in Francesco’s life. I will get a memory frame to inclose his white belt, certificate for completing his test, and the board that he snapped in half. I am elated that Francesco has found a sport that he excels and has passion for. This article is dedicated to Francesco, but something happened at the ceremony today, someone else’s child that inspired this article to be written.

There was a girl, about 8 years old in age and it was her turn to break the board. She tried once, twice, three times, went up to about 8 times and still, she wasn’t able to break the board. She had a tough was a spinning back kick that was much harder than facing it dead on. Master Jae looked her right in the eye and said “I’ll be back for you!” He finished the other children and came back to her again. She continued to try and even had the confidence to lower the board that Master Jae was holding. On maybe the 20th try, she broke the board. Well the gym erupted in cheers and clapping. It was honestly one of those moments you wish to be alone in a room so you could sob with happiness. Master Jae turns and addresses the 80+ adults in the audience and says “we never give up” “she never gave up!”. So profound and what a lesson for everyone watching. What confidence that little girl had to keep going to attempt to break the board in front of a large audience.

What a great conversation to have with Francesco over a milkshake after receiving his belt. What a great message to send to all children! I am so happy with our decision to have Francesco in Tae Kwon Do. He is very respectful and very intense with what he’s learning. Now, he has this confidence booster…if you can break a board…you can do anything! I will also mention this little girl when he wants to give up or get frustrated.  It always amazes me where our role models sprout up from!


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