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I love to discover a more Eco or local product that replaces something plastic and Baby Wisp certainly has a great story. This online store has created headbands for little girls that are crocheted without needing any plastic in the design. All moms love a product that actually works and these handy little head bands are great at keeping fly-away hair in place and they are comfortable…not to mention adorable!

Baby Wisp sent me a blossom headband and blossom ponytail holders and I love them. I will even back up the Baby Wisp claim that these products are a must have for little girls. The headband is very special – so soft and will stretch to fit (and stay) on any size head. Unlike most other headbands, it actually stays in place and the crocheted flowers that are sewn to the headband are an adorable accent.

The ponytail holders are very sweet and great for partial hair-up, low ponytails or braids. They are not strong enough for a single ponytail for my girls – but ohh do I love doing two low ponytails while accenting their hair with these hand-sewn blossoms.  And yes, the crochet blossoms are my very favourite part of the Baby Wisp collections and it’s nice to not have to stop and worry about cadmium, lead, or any other nasties when purchasing these obviously safe and metal free hair accessories.

I didn’t review any of the hair clips from the Baby Wisp site, but with all small pieces, they are not recommended for children under the age of three unless supervised.  Maybe I’m just too rushed in the morning or lazy doing girlie hair, I just think the hairbands are easy and I’ve loved putting them in my twins hair.

Prices are also reasonable with at $4 for a set of ponytails with the blossoms and $13 for a blossom band that is 3 inches across of crocheted cuteness.

Article correction: The headbands are machine made and both headbands and blossoms are made overseas. The hair clips are cut, heated, and sealed by 4 local mamas to Baby Wisp headquarters.  The clips are CPSC certified which means the lead content meets strict US rules.


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  1. DLM October 4, 2010 at 7:33 pm #

    Thank you for the link! I have just ordered one of these cutey-pie headbands as a gift 🙂

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