My name is Suzanne and this website is a journey of wanting to find out what chemicals surround my children on a daily basis.  My journey with Mommy Footprint started with wanting to ‘green’ my life with learning ways to help the environment. What I’ve learned along the way is anything that is harmful to our environment is also harmful to human health. When you become a parent you vow to protect your baby and children from things that could harm him/her. As new age parents we never would have guessed we’d need to train ourselves to become environmental engineers and be able to decrypt ingredients on labeled products and sleuth on products that aren’t. These are the expectations of parents these days with the confusion that circles products we use in our everyday lives.

This blog is my journey as I navigate through the ever changing world of chemical exposure,  safe (r) products and toys that will not contribute to the excess of plastic waste on our planet, and personal care products that aren’t pushing chemicals into my kid’s bodies.  Trying to stay clear of phthalates, BPA, and the 100s of hidden chemicals masked with the word ‘fragrance’ on the bottles of shampoo, sunscreen, etc. is challenging but empowering also.  These issues are how this blog came alive..I hope it reaches and helps many parents in our quest to  keep our kids safe and happy.  What will your legacy be?


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