A Gift Only My Son Could Give

Sometimes you need to remember that out of the hectic parts of our life, a glimmer that all of the extras we do and the time we spend with children is important. I learned this today from my eight year old son. I have been feeling extra busy these past few weeks with being on the go a lot with kids activities and a busy online life. I’ve been nominated as one of the top 30 bloggers in Vancouver via Vancouvermom.ca and it’s a huge honor for my site. If you have time, voting is a snap and I would love the support by clicking here and selecting Mommy Footprint.

So life is exciting but extra busy. I’m a mom so the busier days normally result in one thing accumulating in our house – clutter!  Clothes not put away and always paper from art or homework. I take on a normal amount of mom guilt when I’m not cleaning enough so when my son walked over to me today and said “You know what people would say if they come over to our house?” I could feel the guilt rise in my throat because I knew the answer coming was going to be “messy”.  He was going to say “if people came over to our house today they would think it was messy!”. I continued with my project and tried to ignore the answer that was coming. But instead he said “rich”. I asked him why people would think we were rich if they came over to our house?  He answered “they would think we are rich because we have things like peacock feathers and you can’t even buy those!”

He was looking at the peacock feather we found at a farm last summer that is proudly taped to our hallway wall, over canvas art the kids made of their favorite summer memories last year. I stopped and just grabbed him and said thank you!!. . .  because even with the clutter and mess, my child thinks that a person would be envious of our home because we collect priceless treasures from our adventures. We do that together and amidst the busy schedules, messy floor, and busy mom, my child appreciates the small stuff and that is a small extension of me. I suddenly found myself feeling positive and hopeful that I am doing some things right in my parenting journey and feel blessed that it’s my child that gave me that gift today.

Here is a picture of the wall that money can’t buy!


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