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Dress Me Up ~ Magical Creations For Baby

If you believe in love at first sight, get ready to fall in love. Quickly.

From the moment I first saw Tressa and her magical Dress Me Up corner at the EPIC convention, I was stunned by the magical product line that can be summed up with one word tender. And that is what you want to surround your baby with – tender, beautiful, unique, handcrafted, quality items. Tressa has designed her organic product line to be safe (even encouraged!!) to go into a teething baby’s mouth and surrounds their soft skin with organic cotton, lamb’s wool, and earth friendly ink. As a parent you don’t need to question if it contains chemicals, BPA, Phthalates, or harmful dyes.  The entire Dress Me Up line is not only beautiful and made with an artists’ eye, every piece is practical and something a baby will love. Her line of organic toys is what first caught my eye ~ take a peek and imagine the play. Read on to learn about the whimsical and practical items.


I personally love to give gifts that receive the “ohh” and “ahh” factor because of how unique and functional they are.  When it comes to toys for babies and toddlers all they need are blocks or balls. With my summer packed with lots of babies arriving for friends, I’ve really made it my mission to control last minute rushed gift spending and plan ahead with uniquely sourced baby gifts. Why would I head off to Babies R Us and purchase something ordinary (and probably terrible for the environment), when alternatives exist like Dress Me Up? You can feel wonderful about purchasing safe, practical, eco-friendly, unique, and gorgeous products ~ that a baby actually needs!  Sound too good to be true?  Check out the newly unveiled Dress Me Up site that is so clean and easy to navigate through, I keep finding more to love. Here is her signature Dress Me Up Teething BonBons perfectly designed so baby can hold the middle and chew the frozen ends. 

Tressa’s handcrafted items make parents happy to unwrap because above all, she is an incredible artist.  Even her practical items have unique embroidering making all Dress Me Up products one of a kind. I love the leaf bibs, baby blankets, and receiving blankets with the special touch of her handcrafted magic and use of sustainable materials. 

And really, I didn’t need anything else in the Dress Me Up lineup to love and drool over (need to purchase myself a leaf bib) I’ve got the rabbit rattles in my head. Here we go again – a product only a mother could design because they are soft to touch, safe to mouth, and beautiful for a new mom to open. Check out the Dress Me Up site and let yourself fall in love.




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