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What Will Your Eco Footprint Look Like?

Don’t get me wrong…until very recently, the shade of my eco footprint would be gray and the size of an NBA basketball player! I’m ashamed to admit that my previous lifestyle was nothing close to the color green. There wasn’t much conversation regarding the 3 r’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle) when I was living alone in my 20s. I would ‘reuse’ my store bought water bottle at work (one bottle would last me months… think of the BPA chemicals leaching through that thing!), ‘reduce’ my food intake because I was always too busy to eat (I miss those skinny days)….oh, but wait! I did always ‘recycle’ my empty wine bottles (I’ll have to check the resin code of a wine bottle before I brag about this). But as I’m approaching my mid-30s, everything has changed!

Thinking about the kind of world and the lessons I want to teach my children is a big thing in my life. It’s so cliche to say, but once you have kids, you want everything to be better, including the environment and your lifestyle. That is the magic of children. You stop and realize that the world you leave them is very important and as a parent, it’s your responsibility to educate yourself and raise your kids with a ‘green’ mentality. So lookout Ray (the hubby)….ready or not I’m going to make you one of the colors of your native Italian flag….and it ain’t the red one!

Check out this quiz and see what your ecological footprint looks like! It humbles you to learn how many earth planets would need to exist to sustain your current lifestyle.



My Footprint

My name is Suzanne and I’m a mommy of 4 beautiful children. Thanks to my very talented and supportive husband Ray, I’ve been able to stay home with my kids since my 2nd son was born. When my boys were ages 1 and 2 we had an oopsie pregnancy (although Ray still isn’t buying it) and at my 6 month ultrasound we found out it was TWINS! What a shock, but I’m so happy we got to experience double trouble.

I love to seek new information and relay it to other moms. These days parents have so many issues to tackle with their kids health and well being with BPA leaching from plastics, lead paint and toy recalls, it’s really tough to keep abreast of these new age parenting challenges.

This blog is a personal journey from a mom that finds all aspects of parenting fascinating, but knows she is far from having all the answers. The name ‘mommy footprint’ has a double meaning for me. I am striving to enter the ‘green’ movement and change what my footprint will look like on our planet. The more Eco friendly products and projects I research, the more addicting and fun the ‘green’ process becomes. I will document my journey and hope my discoveries help inspire others.

The other meaning for mommy footprint is to relay the places my feet have travelled (I always want to quote Franny’s Feet “where will my feet take me today?”) and what kid friendly discoveries I’ve made along the way. I love uncovering new things to keep my energetic clan busy and happy.

This is how this blog came alive..I hope it reaches and helps many parents in our quest to get through the day and keep our kids safe and happy.



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