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Mommy Footprint News

After spending 5 months of writing daily articles, the Mommy Footprint pace will slow down over the next few weeks.  I need my ‘real’ life organized to gear up for the amazing month of Fall and Halloween activities.  I will be back full force to write about my favorite month (October) and the magic it brings to children.  But before I sign off, there are some topics I need to mention – read on and save money!

A quick mention that our latest contest has wrapped up for the 3-tier stainless steel container and the winner, Jackie, has been contacted.  Thank you for the entries and Healthy Kitchenware for donating the prize.

Over the next few weeks, I will be getting my Christmas shopping completed for my kids.  There are sales happening over the next month that I’ve been waiting all year for!  My boys and I also set a goal of marking all the storm drains with fish decals on our busy street–and it’s a long street!   Besides being on count down mode for the Laity Pumpkin Patch to open, I am excited to start begging a very talented photographer to come out of semi-retirement to photograph my family at the pumpkin patch.  I can’t imagine a better backdrop to capture the wonderful ages of my children.  Her name is Heidi and she is the talent behind my banner photo and any of the black and white photos posted on the Mommy Footprint site.  I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since the last photo session at the beach…it was a wonderful experience and she managed to capture expressions on the faces of my children I could only dream of…not to mention the candid shots.  I promise to post a few after I ‘convince’ her it’s a good idea.  She is talented beyond anything you’ve seen – you can check out her pictures from a beautiful blog she’s created called The Space Between.
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A Wonderful Story Behind Hip, Eco-Friendly Tableware

Green Planet Parties discovered an amazing new product in the exciting world of Eco-friendly tableware.   A new line of plates and bowls made from the abundant palm leaf tree is the latest trend and the story behind the ‘chain of custody’ from this product is also very special.  Take a peek at this picture and read on…

Let’s face it – no one loves the idea of buying, using and disposing of paper plates and plastic cutlery etc., but when it’s your turn to host the family BBQ or when you’ve volunteered to pick up supplies for an event at your school – it really becomes a necessity.  The good news is there’s a growing supply of more environmentally friendly choices for disposable tableware that are not made from virgin fibre paper, plastic or the hardest to decompose… Styrofoam! Some great new options out there include bagasse (sugarcane) and PLA (plant based) and reed pulp ~ all very good choices for those such occasions where disposable tableware is needed.

Something new that you might want to consider is “Earthens” tableware. This is the most obviously green and natural-looking tableware you’ve ever seen ~ they are a real conversation starter because they are so naturally beautiful looking. These plates and bowls have a wonderful ‘chain of custody’ story too – that is, from how they are grown, who manufactures them, who benefits from their sale and how then can be returned to the earth as soil. Continue Reading →



Disneyland and Parksville = Magical!

I’ve just come to the realization that my clan isn’t heading to Disneyland this Fall.  That was the plan, but it won’t happen this year.  Knowing this makes me so thankful for a magical vacation we had late this summer that was so fun and utilized a very local footprint.  We took the advice of many friends and tried Parksville this summer.  It was our first vacation with the entire clan since the girls arrived and it was wonderful.  And if you were to ask my boys, very Disneylandish.  My boys requested the hotel pool every waking hour of every day.  It was the highlight and best part of their trip.  There was also an incredible mini-golf and bumper boat kid’s paradise just down the road… it was awesome.  The boys were happily tucked away with all these fun activities and the girls loved the Parksville beach.  It was the most beautiful sight out our hotel window each morning.  The water went out for miles and left magical tidal pools behind.  Within these pools you would find hundreds of fish, sand dollars, hermit crabs, and rock crabs, by the handfuls.  Every tidal pool had something special to find and I think we found the perfect pet for our family – does a Sand dollar count as a pet?  If so – sign us up!  Very low maintenance which is what we need.

We stayed at a hotel called the The Beach Club.   I’ve been to some pretty nice countries and had beautiful accommodations, but these were the most impressive by far!  They have combined modern design with high functionality for families.  It was unbelievable how nice the rooms were.  A beautiful decorating touch that I really appreciated was instead of artwork, the hotel framed natural, ocean inspired photography of the Parksville beach.  There were pictures of sand dollars, seaweed, rippling of sand, simply amazing pictures that reflected the beautiful balance of the outside, back in from the amazing adventures we had on the beach.  Our room came complete with 2 soaker tubs; amazing beds with fluffy, soft bedding and the kids all begged us to stay extra days.  They were completely at ease there and must have been well exercised because they have never slept so well.

My family practiced a local footprint with our summer vacation this year, and it couldn’t have turned out better!  We barely used any gas to get to Parksville and once we exited the Nanaimo ferry, our drive was only 20 mins to reach the hotel.  Really, does it get any better?  It was such an easy vacation for Ray and I, I’m okay with the fact Disneyland is waiting another year.  We managed to have our Disneyland vacation and not stray too far from home.  Really, with Fall activities, Halloween, and the pumpkin patch waiting for us over the next few weeks – my family is living the Disneyland experience.  Come October 1st, our house will start resembling the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ and Disney magic will run with abundance.

The girls celebrating their wide open space to run together!



Celebrate Your Little Girl’s Love For Fairies – Make A Toadstool!

While at our Ecology Centre today, I noticed their adorable mushroom stool / toadstool inspired chairs for little kids to pull over to the craft table.  As I was moving the toadstools I noticed they were custom made, very earthy as the bark was still on the base of the wood.  They were so adorable I got to thinking how I could have these made for my girls who are already big fairy fans.  The stools were so unique and nature inspired – you almost expected to see a little gnome or fairy lurking nearby.

Fairies are very popular with young girls right now.  I believe Disney is releasing a big ‘Disney Fairy’ movie this Fall and the less commercialized, nature loving butterfly girls ‘The Little Humbugs’ are gaining serious momentum.  Celebrate your child’s love for fairies by making her a custom toadstool for her room or play area.  We know how expensive room decor is for children’s spaces, save money and create it yourself!  I found the video and instructions on Martha Stewart and they don’t look all that hard to make.  We know from my trials making home made play dough, I’m not a naturally crafty person….but I think I can do this!  Before I list the instructions…check out the picture of the finished toadstool from Martha’s site.  You could buy felt to match the colors of your child’s room – these are just SO cute!


Source: Martha Stewart site

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Stuffies Come Alive From A Child’s Art

Do you have an imaginative child that has created ‘friends’ on paper through drawing or paint?  Did they ever love one character so much, you wished you could bring them to life?  Well now you can!  Wendy, a Vancouver Mom started the company Child’s Own that takes a child’s artwork and transforms it into something 3-dimensional.  Imagine your child’s delight to have one of their unique creations from a drawing come to life in the form of a stuffy for them to love and cherish.  What a wonderful way to celebrate childhood with a unique memento to hug and love.  The special product that Wendy produces is exactly like the pictures she receives.  And in our world of mass media – what a wonderful message to teach children that their 6 legged dog or 3-eyed princess drawings are special because they were born from their imaginations and are magical as-is and should be celebrated.

What do you need to get started?  Simply submit your child’s drawing and a meaningful photo if you would like that included in the softy’s design.  Then Wendy sets to work selecting the appropriate fabric: cotton, felt, silks, polar fleece, etc.  The softies are filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill and the photo is added if you choose to personalize in this way.  One artist to another, the creation is born.  Here are some pictures of creations that have come to life and they look amazing!




Wow – what an amazing idea that is so special and unique.  You couldn’t ask for a better gift than this custom child’s stuffie!  I’ll now be on the look-out for that next drawing that stands out as something special from one of my kids.  Further to the stuffy, you could make a story with the adventures of the character and then act it out or create a puppet-show.  The creativity from this idea just keeps flowing, well after Wendy complets the final product.  If you are reading this article from far and away…Child’s Own will ship within North America.



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