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Safety Guide For Children’s Care Products

While researching my article for children’s sunscreen, I came across a 1-page guide that all parents should print and carry in their shopping bag/purse. It’s from the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic database and it is something all parents should read. It lists ingredients to avoid within children’s personal care products and lists better brands (picks) for each of these categories:

Shampoo and Conditioner
Body Wash and Liquid Soap
Baby Wipes Continue Reading →



Response From Tupperware Regarding BPA & Refunds

In a previous article about Tupperware using #7 plastics, I had questioned if the company would recall or refund money if a customer was concerned about their product being made from polycarbonate #7 plastic.  The issue being the widely controversial chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) that is a material used to produce polycarbonate plastic.  With so many other companies recalling massive amounts of products because of parents and consumers worried about the BPA controversy….I really was expecting a different answer than I received. Continue Reading →



Safe Sunscreen Guide For Children

Please note: In May 2010 the EWG strengthened their safe sunscreen requirements so the top list has now changed in the EWG sunscreen database. To read more on these new recommendations, please read the latest Mommy Footprint article called EWG Sunscreen Guide & Surprising Truths Parents Need To Read.

With the hot months of summer approaching, I need to replenish my stock of sunscreen for the kids. But like all products related to children these days, I’ve had to research this process, as there’s a growing concern about some ingredients within sunscreens, even brands for children. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) was the best resource for finding brand recommendations and ingredients to avoid. Especially concerning is this quote from EWG:

Our comprehensive scientific review indicates that 86% of 1,070 sunscreen products offer inadequate protection from the sun, or contain ingredients with significant safety concerns. Only 14% of the products on the market are both safe and effective, blocking both UVA and UVB radiation.”  Continue Reading →



My In-laws Are Eco!

My in-laws are Eco! With every passing week I remember things I’ve watched them do over the 15 years I’ve known them and by god, they are probably two of the greenest people I know! It’s a time in their life they probably didn’t expect to be so hip!

My very Italian father-in-law is the king of the 1 mile diet. Continue Reading →



Tupperware Items Made From #7 Plastic

In your purge of kitchen plastics, you might have noticed that Tupperware products are not coded with resin codes.  This is because Tupperware products have a lifetime guarantee and were not intended for recycling (hence they were not labeled with recycling codes). In a time where parents are concerned about what types of plastic holds their food and beverages, I wanted to find out what types of plastic they use. Here is what I emailed Tupperware:

I noticed your products do not have recycling codes on the bottom. What type of plastic is Tupperware made from. Is it BPA free? If not, do you have a recall list of products?

I received lots of good information back from their representative that anyone can view on their website.  From their response I have good news and bad news about Tupperware.  Which would you like first?  Continue Reading →



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